The taste of luxury

Because everybody needs Kay in their life

A true champagne experience

Do you have big dreams and bold goals? A successful life or business with an extravagant, luxurious lifestyle where it’s all about abundance? Then get to know KayChella Champagne.

This private champagne label is here to indulge you and to celebrate life and successes. Stand out. Be proud of what you have. And enjoy it, as if today is your last day. KayChella is a total champagne experience, with striking, slick bottles with hours of handwork. Looking for a unique bottle of champagne? KayChella is a real eye-catcher and collector’s item.

Amaze friends, family, and guests with an over-the-top bottle of exclusivechampagne.

Treat yourself with a KayChella.

The perfect champagne when celebrating

KayChella Champagne is a rich, golden yellow champagne. A feast for the eyes and mouth withbig, bold flavors and a fresh, delicate aftertaste. It’s the taste of luxury. A champagne with a stand-outstyle in an equally dazzling, handmade bottle. As to be expected, this champagne has rightly won many awards at wine inspections.

The grapes for this refined sparkling wine come from the southernmost part of the Champagne region (Côte des Bar). They are grown with perfection, harvested by hand and individually selected for this Brut Tradition. A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Grapes: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay
Color: rich golden yellow
Aromas: honey, brioche, hazelnut
Temperature: between 6°C and 8°C
Alcohol: 12%

Sustainable production

We grow sustainably because we see this as a important decision for the future. HVE is a certificate issued by the Grenelle de l’Environment and has 3 levels. Our certification is for the highest level. This is based on the results in terms of biodiversity, protection of cultivated and native plants, water management and fertilization.

VDC is a certificate, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, in recognition of the environmental efforts of wine growers in Champagne. The requirements for this certificate are specific to the Champagne region.


Four rare and handmade designs

Because KayChella Champagne is all about abundance and luxury, just like you, it is served in a one of a kind bottle. A limited edition. With an eye for detail, each bottle is processed by hand. Stone by stone, with a unique design. This makes every bottle of KayChella Champagne extravagant and precious: no factory can achieve our quality and perfection. As you’ll understand, KayChella is the over-the-top champagne that belongs at your exclusive party.

The champagne is available in four limited varieties: Pink, Black, Pearly and Gold.

Pearl edition

about 2,000 stones

Black edition

about 2,500 stones

Pink edition

more than 8,500 stones

Gold edition

 about 3000 stones

When to drink KayChella Champagne?

There is always a reason to drink champagne: at your outstanding and over-the-top parties, an evening at the club, or to celebrate your new successes and biggest dreams. Champagne is more than a sparkling drink. It’s a way of life.

KayChella is even more than that. It reflects your lifestyle, the people that surround you and the way you celebrate life. Bring it to pearly white beaches, luxury yachts, the best and most prominent club parties to show what you’ve got. This exorbitant, exclusive champagne is not just wine. It is a complete champagne experience. Pop that champagne, even on an average Tuesday afternoon. Life should be celebrated.

Everybody needs Kay in their life.

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